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Hello. My name is Addam Litts, I am a young innovative Graphic Designer residing in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. I studied Digital Media and Technology along with Business Management at East Stroudsburg University. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design and a Minor Degree in Business Management. With a degree in Digital Media and Technology I have the ability to create all aspects of media including: Graphic Designs, Photography, Web Page Designs, Video Production, Tv Production, Sound Recording, and also 3D Modeling. With such a versatile degree, time management skills are a very important part of the degree completion process. With this major I was taught how to focus on many different projects and distribute my attention accordingly to meet the intense deadlines. For instance I have the ability to shoot and edit a two minute commercial, create a fully interactive website, create a newsletter, and take advertisement photos all in the same week. I believe this is one of the most important skills I have learned from completing my double degrees. 

Graphic Design

My Graphic Design expierence varies in all media based channels such as Print, Digital Advertisments, Billboards, Animation Advertisments, Web Page Design and also Clothing and other Vinyl Based Products. Within my graphic designs I am able to utilize my knowledge of Space Management and Page Management along the knowledge of Color Cognitive Psychology to create both aesthetically pleasing and effective designs and advertisments.  In school I not only studied the art of Graphic Design and all its components but also took an interest in how the colors we see affect the feeling and mood we are currently in. I did an extensive research project on how colors are perceived in the world and how the colors used in advertisments create subtle emotions that the advertisement is trying to get across to the consumer. 

Business Management

Within my Business Management degree I studied every aspect within owning a business from; Human Resources, Advertising/Marketing, Sales, Business Layout and everything in between. My specialty is mostly in Advertisng and Small Business ownership. Along with becoming educated within a college based system, I also learned from first person experiences from starting up my own clothing company called Living Life Clothing as a senior in high school and still control it to this date. I have the ability to create a full Advertising/Marketing plan including a S.W.O.T. analysis


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